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A comparison of 1064 nm and XTR® Raman spectroscopy

Fluorescence interference is one of the last barriers to the widespread application of 785 nm handheld Raman systems for material identification. And it is a formidable barrier. Fluorescence, from the target analyte or from other substances present in a mixture with the target, can obscure the Raman signal and prevent positive identification.

MIRA XTR DS is the next evolution in Raman spectroscopy. It combines the smaller size, higher resolution, and lower power consumption of a 785 nm Raman instrument with revolutionary patent pending technology to eXTRact Raman data, even from fluorescent samples – no need for a 1064 laser!

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This free white paper presents a survey of fluorescence suppression methods, the benefits of MIRA XTR DS, and application examples (e.g., hazardous chemicals, illicit drugs, ingredients and products used in the food and beverage industry, and manufactured materials).