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With ID Kit, drug testing for heroin and other opioids in street samples takes just a few minutes.

This testing utilizes surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) with Metrohm's MIRA DS analyzer and is superior to other methods, e.g., colorimetric tests, in terms of speed, accuracy, and handling.

Want to know more? Download our white paper

Download free white paper

This white paper shows how 18 crude street heroin samples were detected with the ID Kit and MIRA DS - easily, quickly, and with minimal clean-up.

What you get with the ID Kit
  • Fast testing: From sampling to clear results in a few minutes.
  • Easy handling: Dissolve the sample, dip the test strip, measure, done!
  • Accurate results: Our proprietary SERS Smart Acquire routine detects opioids even in complex samples.