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No sample preparation required, perfect ease of use, results for multiple parameters available after 30 seconds – these are the main advantages of near-infrared spectroscopy for routine analysis compared with competing analysis techniques. QC managers and shift personnel from the manufacturing industries can now benefit from these advantages with the new NIRS DS2500 Liquid Analyzer from Metrohm.


Reproducible results down to the lower ppm-level

The NIRS DS 2500 provides superior sensitivity for analysis down to concentrations in the lower ppm-range.

It covers both the near-infrared range and the visible range, which means that, unlike FT systems, the NIRS DS2500 Liquid Analyzer can also detect color changes of the sample, e.g., caused by aging.  

Robust design for operation in production environments

The DS2500 with its IP65 certified housing and only one rotating optical element is a highly robust solution providing excellent protection against environmental influences even in high vibration environments. The rotating high-precision grating used to disperse light guarantees fast data acquisition so that results are obtained within 30 seconds.

Superior flexibility due to many accessories

With the DS2500 Liquid Analyzer, users can choose from a variety of cuvettes, flow cells, and disposable vials, giving them the flexibility to adapt to the respective sample. Intelligent sample holders in combination with SOPs help prevent errors in routine operation that could otherwise result from accidentally selecting the wrong sample containers.