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ProfIC Vario 14 Cation is a Professional IC Vario system for the fully automatic determination of Cations using the Metrohm intelligent Pick-up Technique (MiPuT). MiPuT is the perfect choice when the sample volume is limited. An injection of 5 μL out of a vial filled with only 100 μL sample is precisely carried out and 95 μL remain in the vial for further use. It offers variable injection volumes in the range of 4 - 60 μL without compromise in accuracy.

In combination with the effective Liquid Handling Station, the «Pick-up Technique» allows the achievement of a mg/L to μg/L measuring range with virtually no carry-over (<0.0001%). The method complements the selected sample volume with transfer solution to 60 μL in order to have a constant sample/eluent ratio. Results of this are identical retention time, peak shape and the possibility for automatic calibration. «ProfIC Vario 14» safely masters all routine tasks in ion chromatography. It is simple to use and extremely reliable.



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