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Recorded webinars

Li-ion batteries

This webinar covers the basic design and working principle of Li-ion batteries, measureable parameters, and a brief introduction to Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS). Presented by Deutsche Metrohm Product Manager, Sandro Haug this webinar includes an experiment showing how to measure at two different temperatures.

Length: 32 mins

Compliance voltage

In this webinar, Deutsche Metrohm Product Manager, Sandro Haug introduces compliance voltage in two and three electrode setups. He will discuss the impact of separators and diaphragms on compliance voltage, as well as the requirements for potentiostats used for electrolysis and electrosynthesis applications.

Length: 18 mins

Analog scan

In this webinar, Dr Thomas Touzalin introduces analog scan for cyclic voltammetry and how it compares to the more common staircase voltammetry.

Length: 50 mins

Corrosion prevention and analysis

In this webinar, Larry Tucker and Dr. Julia van Drunen discuss corrosion monitoring, prevention and mitigation as well as the application of electrochemical methods to measure and monitor corrosion in different environments, including the flow conditions encountered in pipes.

Length: 1 hr

Electrocatalysis research and applications

This webinar presents solutions for advanced electrocatalysis (ECAT) research and applications.

Length: 1 hr


Biosensing with screen-printed electrodes

Watch this webinar to learn more about fast, simple, and sensitive electrochemical biosensing using screen-printed electrodes.

Length: 56 mins

Corrosion Tests: Non-destructive methods

Watch this webinar to learn more about common non-destructive electrochemical corrosion techniques.

Length: 1 hr


EIS Data For Battery Materials R&D

In this webinar Dr Julia van Drunen introduces electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) as a valuable tool for the analysis of battery materials, components, and fuel cells.

Length: 56 mins

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