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Like other industries, the personal care products and cosmetics industry is facing increasing pressure regarding quality control of their products. In a free webinar on March 22, Maria Cartes and Andreas Agerer from Metrohm International Headquarters present near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) as a solution for manufacturers of personal care and cosmetic products to implement fast and cost-efficient QC testing in their production.

The personal care products and cosmetics industry is not yet as strictly regulated as the pharmaceutical industry. However, there are drivers for improved product safety and more rigorous and frequent testing. NIRS can help manufacturers meet this challenge: NIRS is a non-destructive technology, no chemicals and reagents are needed, and results for several physical and chemical key parameters are obtained at the touch of a screen in a few seconds.

Key learnings of this webinar:

  • The principles of NIRS explained: how does it work, what you can measure, and what are the limitations
  • How can I make NIRS work in my laboratory?
  • Typical applications of NIRS for QC of personal care products: What are the time and cost savings?