Automation options for Titrotherm

Titrotherm automation

High sample throughput, tedious and repetitive manual work, and ever-increasing time pressure – these are good reasons for you to automate analyses.

With an automation solution from Metrohm, you can speed up your thermometric analyses considerably, as automated sample changing optimally complements the fast titrations with a Titrotherm.

Key features

  • Time savings with automated procedures
  • Highly flexible options to match your application
  • Improved reproducibility and precision through standardized procedures

Speed up your analyses by eliminating manual work

Automated analysis for increased sample throughput without manual solvent addition, stirring, and cleaning

Increase the sample throughput with a Metrohm sample processor.

By using a sample processor, you can run sample series automatically, thus eliminating time-consuming work steps. Simply place the samples in the sample rack, initiate the analysis, and you’re done.

Increase reproducibility and consistency with standardized procedures

Rack of a sample processor for automated processing of routine samples
If you use automation for your Titrotherm, you can be sure that each sample is treated and handled in exactly the same way and that each analysis is carried out under the same conditions. This increases reproducibility, precision, and accuracy.

For small and medium-sized sample series: 814 USB Sample Processor

Sample processor for automated processing of routine samples

If you want to analyze small to medium-sized sample series, then the 814 USB Sample Processor is for you.

This robust and space-saving instrument is very easy to program. It is therefore the best choice for straightforward analyses.

For larger sample series and flexibility: 815 Robotic USB Sample Processor XL

Sample processor for automated potentiometric titration of large sample series

If you want to analyze larger sample series and benefit from more flexibility, then you should opt for the 815 Robotic USB Sample Processor XL.

More demanding liquid handling tasks, e.g., diluting a sample or transferring the solution to an external titration vessel, are this sample processor’s strong point.

Flexible options tailored to your needs

Lab technician filling sample into beaker for automated analysis on sample processor

These sample processors are available in a variety of versions.

Depending on your requirements, you can have the sample processor that matches exactly your needs: with one or two towers for parallel operation and with or without internal or external pumps for aspirating and rinsing.

Like the Titrotherm titrator, the sample processor is also controlled with the tiamo software.