864 Robotic Balance Sample Processor TAN/TBN

864 Robotic Balance Sample Processor TAN/TBN
Order number: 2.864.1130

The Robotic Balance Sample Processor TAN/TBN offers the rapid and convenient preparation and analysis of petrochemical products in a single system.

An aliquot of the sample is fully automatically weighed into the titration beaker and diluted with solvent, after which titration is used to determine the TAN and/or TBN value. After analysis, the titration beaker is emptied and the electrode is cleaned and conditioned. Traceability is ensured by the direct preparation on the Balance Sample Processor and the danger of mixing up externally prepared samples is eliminated.

The entire system is monitored with the proven titration and control software tiamo™, the database of which documents each preparation step (including sample size) and the titration results, clearly and separately for each sample.

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