OMNIS Sample Robot – maximizing throughput on the titration bench

Breaking the limits of all existing automation solutions: The OMNIS Sample Robot addresses the need of large QC laboratories in the manufacturing industries as well as contract laboratories for an efficient solution to cope with high sample loads at the lowest possible cost per sample. Entirely modular by design, the OMNIS Sample Robot benefits users with unique flexibility and unmatched performance - for a whole new level of productivity!

Key features

  • Automated sample changing for up to 175 samples
  • Safe analysis in a fully closed system 
  • No manual handling of solvents and reagents required
  • Sensor is rinsed and conditioned after each determination for reproducible results
  • Compact: Sample Robot fits in standard-sized fume hood
  • Sample Robot can be upgraded for higher sample throughput and utmost flexibility

Walk-away automation for up to 175 samples

Modular automation with OMNIS means: Users may start with the OMNIS Sample Robot S (two racks, up to 50 samples), scale it up to a Sample Robot M (5 racks, up to 125 Samples) and ultimately analyze up to 175 samples completely unattended on 7 racks with the OMNIS Sample Robot L!
OMNIS titration system with sample processor and workstations

Time savings of up to 60%

The OMNIS Sample Robot can accommodate up to four work stations. They can be used to perform up to four titrations in parallel saving 60% in time compared to performing the same application on a stand-alone system. With OMNIS, users can consolidate and automated all their titration applications on a single platform.
OMNIS Sample Robot with samples for volumetric water content determination with Karl Fischer titration

Hot-swapping sample racks for continuous reloading

Users can assign their routine applications to dedicated work stations on the OMNIS Sample Robot to keep a perfect overview. When the OMNIS Sample Robot has finished analyzing the samples on a particular rack, it can be simply exchanged while the system keeps working – uninterrupted.

If the same application runs on all four work stations, then the system carries out all determinations autonomously as fast as possible, thanks to dynamic sample organization. And if a problem occurs on one of the work stations, the remaining three will take over so that no sample will be left out.

Automated, parallel titration on an OMNIS system