Application videos: What can OMNIS automation do for you?

Automated water analysis

This application video explains how water analysis can be performed fully automated (including sample transfer) using the OMNIS Sample Robot Pick&Place.

The automated system measures the conductivity, turbidity, pH, alkalinity, hardness, and chloride values of the water sample.

Automated galvanic baths analysis

This application video shows an automated OMNIS system for the analysis of galvanic baths.

The system includes pipetting and four workstations to carry out different analyses (i.e., acid-base, redox, argentometric, and complexometric titrations).

Automated analysis of edible oils 

This application video presents how the main parameters of edible oils can be analyzed with an automated OMNIS system.

Different beaker sizes (120 mL or 250 mL sample beaker) or beakers covered with a lid are no problem for this automated OMNIS system. In the video, the acid value (EN ISO 660), free fatty acids, peroxide value (EN ISO 27107, EN ISO 3960), iodine value (EN ISO 3961), and saponification value (EN ISO 3657) are analyzed.

Automated volumetric Karl Fischer titration

This application video shows a fully automated volumetric Karl Fischer system.

This parallel Karl Fischer titration system with integrated sample preparation increases your sample throughput while giving better results.

Automated TAN and TBN analysis

This application video explains how the total acid number (TAN) and the total base number (TBN) are analyzed on an OMNIS sample robot system – fully automatically.

With the automated OMNIS system, TAN and TBN can be analyzed quickly, precisely, and cost-effectively in parallel.