Mira P Flex

Mira P Flex
Order number: 2.927.0030

The Mira P Flex package allows users to customize Mira P to meet their needs. The Flex package includes the basic components needed to operate the Mira P without sampling attachments. At least one sampling attachment is required for operation. The Mira P Flex package includes the USP library, calibration/verification accessories, and a USB cable. Class 3B operation.

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Barcode Scanner true
Battery life (h) ≥ 4 h (with recommended batteries)
Height (mm) 45.0
Laser output power (mW) ≤ 100
Laser Wavelength (nm) 785.0
Length (mm) 128.0
Resolution (cm⁻¹) (FWHM) 8-10
Spectral Range (cm⁻¹) 400-2300
Touchscreen Display 3.7" resistive
Weight (grams) 752.0
Width (mm) 88.0