i-Raman EX Portable Raman Spectrometer

i-Raman EX Portable Raman Spectrometer
Order number: BWT-840000880

The i-Raman® EX is part of our award-winning series of i-Raman portable Raman spectrometers with our patented CleanLaze® laser with 1,064 nm laser excitation. Using a high-sensitivity InGaAs array detector with TE deep cooling, high dynamic range, and a high throughput spectrograph design, this portable Raman spectrometer delivers a high signal-to-noise ratio without inducing autofluorescence, making it possible to measure a wide range of natural products, biological samples (such as cell cultures), and colored samples.

The i-Raman EX provides a spectral coverage range from 100 cm-1 to 2,500 cm-1, enabling you to measure across the entire fingerprint region. The system’s small footprint, lightweight design, and low power consumption ensure research-grade Raman analysis capabilities at any location. The i-Raman EX comes equipped with a fiber probe and an XYZ-positioning-stage with probe holder. It can be used with a range of sampling accessories to facilitate measurements on a wide range of different samples. For expanded analysis capabilities, it can be used with our proprietary BWIQ® multivariate analysis software or BWID® identification software. With the i-Raman EX, you always have a high precision Raman solution for qualitative and quantitative analysis without fluorescence.

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Battery Optional
CCD Cooling Temperature -15°C ± 2
Computer interface USB 2.0 / 1.1
DC Power Adapter Input 110-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz
DC Power Adapter Output 12 V DC at 6.6 A
Detector Type TE-Cooled InGaAs
Dimensions 17 cm x 34 cm x 28 cm
Humidity 10% to 85%, non-condensing
Integration time 200 μs – 5 minutes
Laser Power 330 mW, nominal at exiting probe / 430 mW, nominal at laser port
Laser Power Control 0% to 100% (adjustable in 1% steps)
Laser Wavelength (nm) 1064 nm
Operating Temperature (°C) 0°C – 35°C
Range 100 cm-1 – 2500 cm-1
Resolution < 10 cm-1 at 1296 nm
Trigger Yes (compatible with B&W Tek probes)
Weight ~3.4 kg