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Powerful, fluorescence-free material identification

MIRA XTR DS, Metrohm’s 785 nm Raman solution to combat fluorescence, is the smallest and most rugged material ID system on the market. Paired with the KnowItAll® Raman Spectral Library (Handheld) from Wiley, MIRA XTR DS combines sensitive materials identification with the largest libraries available on any handheld Raman system. MIRA XTR DS can eXTRact high-resolution spectra for matching within KnowItAll libraries, even from fluorescent materials, to support thousands of new applications.

The handheld Raman world just got a lot bigger.

The library includes over 19,500 entries in 6 sub-libraries:

  1. Controlled and Prescription Substances
  2. Flavors and Fragrances
  3. Nutraceuticals
  4. Inorganics and Organometallics
  5. Polymers, Monomers, and Processing
  6. Organic Chemicals

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