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The NIRS XDS Process Analyzers provide fast, nondestructive analysis of pharmaceutical, chemical, and petrochemical products. If required, up to 9 inline measuring channels can be multiplexed with this system.

  • Superior analytical performance through NIRS XDS technology
  • Scan range (400 to 2200 nm) enables a wide range of applications
  • Simultaneous qualitative and multi-constituent quantitative analysis or trend analysis
  • Rugged NEMA 4X / IP65 enclosure
  • Up to 16 sampling points
  • No use of chemicals for environmentally-friendly and cost-saving analyses

Brochure: NIRS XDS Process Analyzer – SingleFiber (8.928.5001, PDF, 336 KB)

Brochure: NIRS XDS Process Analyzer – MicroBundle (8.928.5002, PDF, 355 KB)

Avoid unforeseen plant shutdowns with a reliable industrial process controller

Regular control of process parameters is critical to maintain product and process specifications and to achieve optimal product quality and consistency in any industry. By providing data in «real-time» to the industrial control system (e.g. DCS or PLC), downtimes are reduced, and costly company assets are safeguarded.

The 2060 Human Interface developed by Metrohm Process Analytics helps you to achieve that. Thanks to the variety of process communication protocols built-in with the 2060 HI (e.g., Modbus or Discrete I/O), process data can be communicated in «real-time» to any industrial control system or directly to external devices and is accessible 24/7.

Learn more about 2060 Human Interface

Prevent process upsets and protect your assets

For hazardous environments, Metrohm Process Analytics engineers and supplies custom-made solutions. Therefore, no manual sampling is necessary, which leads to a safer working environment (e.g., avoid exposure to Cl2, exothermic epoxidation, high temperature/pressure, autopolymerization, and more).

Our custom-made solutions can vary from sample conditioning systems to complete shelters including ATEX-certified systems for Zone 1 and Zone 2 environments.

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Faster ROIs by monitoring different parts of a process at the same time

Manual sampling can negatively impact process accuracy by introducing manual sampling errors. It can further reduce the analysis frequency and sampling extraction points are limited to the personnel availability at the plant.

The NIRS XDS process analyzer is available as a single-point, 4-channel, or 9-channel system allowing cost-effective measurements at multiple sampling locations. Both single and MicroBundle fibers can be connected to the same system so various sample types can be measured with one instrument.

Accurate “real-time” analysis thanks to MicroBundle fiber technology

The optical MicroBundle fibers used in the NIRS XDS Process Analyzer ensure excellent signal transmission, inline directly in your process. As a result, you can rely on superior analytical performance for powders, slurries, granules, suspensions, and more. The fibers are temperature-insensitive and have a superior mechanical and chemical resistance.

Brochure: Sampling solutions for NIRS Process Analyzers (8.000.5364, PDF, 8 MB)

Compliancy to FDA directives for PAT

With the NIRS XDS Process Analyzer, you can implement Process Analytical Technology procedures in accordance with FDA regulations (21 CFR Part 11).

The main advantage is that you will obtain process analysis results in real time instead of carrying out time-consuming laboratory analysis.

Low cost of ownership in your process

The importance of measuring crucial parameters precisely does not only lie in complying with regulations, but also in the potential to save costs for manufacturers in different industries.

In refineries, for example, RON values exceeding the stated requirements will still be accepted by the market, but these products will then include a higher amount of lucrative long-chain organic molecules. This so-called «RON giveaway» is estimated at approximately 0.5 RON per barrel, resulting in $2.25 million USD/month in lost revenue for a production process of 100,000 barrels per day.

Some additional cost savings are:

  • No consumables needed, thus no extra cost and environmentally friendly
  • No waste generated as NIRS is non-destructive, meaning that the samples are not destroyed
  • Reduced operator training costs since knowledge of chemical reactions and chemical analysis is not required
Cost savings with near-infrared spectroscopy
Method NIRS Multiple techniques
Sample preparation 0.5 min 30 min
Analysis time 0.5 min 30 min
Cleanup 0 min 5 min
Cost per year (1000 samples) @ $20/hr $333 $217,000
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