Measuring Cell TSC Battery Expanded 

Measuring Cell TSC Battery Expanded 

The TSC Battery Expanded is a closed measuring cell intended for assembling half or full battery or supercap cells with e.g. active materials and separators. It is also suitable for investigating solid or gel-like samples in contact with metal electrodes in a plat/plate geometry.  You have flexibility with cell configuration either two or three electrode measurements can be performed by inserting a microreference electrode from the side.  The standard variant contains flat metal electrodes. For current collectors designed for using elemental lithium as electrode material please refer to the extended variant.


  • Tech specs
Airtight at atmospheric pressure YES
Exposed sample surface max. 1.13 cm2
Operating temperature range -40 °C to +100 °C
Thermostatic Yes with Autolab Microcell HC package or with Microcell Passive in climate chamber
Typical volume NA