Corrosion cell

Corrosion cell
Order number: CORR.CELL.S

The Autolab 400 ml corrosion cell is suitable for corrosion measurements. The cell has a thermostatic jacket for temperature control and a series of openings for counter electrodes, pH sensor, thermometer, Luggin-Haber capillary and gas purging.

The 400 ml corrosion cell has been designed to measure the corrosion properties of 14 mm diameter and 1 mm thick flat circular samples immersed in an electrolyte. The exposed surface area is 0.785 cm². The holder is made of Delrin with a Viton seal.

  • Tech specs
Airtight at atmospheric pressure YES
Exposed sample surface 0.785 cm2
Operating temperature range 0-90 ˚C
Thermostatic YES
Typical volume 400 ml