Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE)

Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE)
Order number: AUT.RCE

Autolab Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE) with a non-carbon liquid contact provides superior noise-free corrosion measurements. The RCE’s Hg contact produces smooth and accurate data that requires no special handling or tools for use in your lab.

With the highest rotation rate among commercially available systems, the Autolab Rotating Cylinder Electrode allows you to simulate the widest variety of pipe flow conditions in your lab. The RCE has double the rotation rate of any other 12 mm rotating cylinder electrode making achievable flow rates are 50% higher than any other commercially available RCE.

Maximum simulated turbulent flow rates:

1 inch/2.66 cm pipe with schedule 40 is 365 cm/s
24 inch/57.48 cm pipe with schedule 40 is 566 cm/s

The Autolab RCE is very compact, only a tenth of the size of other commercially available RCEs. You can access the full rotation rate of the Autolab RCE (100-5000 rpms) with a 12 mm cylinder.

Operating temperature range:  max 40 C°
Exposed sample surface:  3 cm2

Image shows RCE and controller, RRDE cell, PGSTAT204 and NOVA software.  

Keywords: Rotating Cylinder Electrode, Corrosion, RCE, pipe flow, turbulent flow, corrosion in pipes, pipes, Reynolds number, cylindrical sample.