Autolab DuoCoin Cell Holder

Autolab DuoCoin Cell Holder
Order number: AUT.COIN2.HLD

The Autolab DuoCoin Cell Holder has 4-point Kelvin gold-plated contacts to assure the highest precision measurements for your battery research. A versatile accessory that can accommodate all standard cells sizes with capacity for smaller and larger non-standard cells and two cells can be processed at one time.

Autolab DuoCoin Cell Holder gold plated contacts and gold plated PCB provide protection from corrosion and damage to the accessory in your busy laboratory.

Experimental set up is simplified with the Autolab DuoCoin Cell Holder with visible electrode labels and cable connections that correspond to the Autolab potentionstat/galvanostat cable colors. Autolab’s attention to detail is reflected in the silicon surface grippers on the bottom of the Autolab DuoCoin Cell Holder to provide stability in a complex experiment set up.

  • Tech specs

The Autolab DuoCoin Cell Holder takes all standard coin cell sizes as listed below but please note there is still additional expandability to non-standard sizes in the following range:

Maximum cell size: 1.6 mm–3.2 mm thickness / 20 mm–24 mm diameter

Examples of standard cell sizes:  CR2016, CR2020, CR2025, CR2032, CR2325, CR2330

Temperature range of operation: Must be between -25°C and + 80°C
Material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Complete Size: Length: 112 mm │ Width: 62 mm │ Height: 31 mm