Autolab Spectrophotometer UB

Autolab Spectrophotometer UB
Order number: AUT.SPECT.UB.S

The Autolab Spectrophotometer UB is a compact device for applications in the UV/VIS wavelenght range (from 200 nm to 850 nm). This instrument is designed to work in combination with all Autolab potentiostat/galvanostat instruments and is supported by the NOVA software. The spectrophotometer can be manually controlled or can be synchronized with electrochemical measurements. This ensures accurate timing during the measurements and allows a direct correlation between the electrochemical and spectroscopic data.

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A/D converter 16 bit, 2 MHz
Detector CCD linear array, 2048 pixels
Dimensions 175 mm x 110 mm x 44 mm
Fiber optic connector SMA-905
Integration time 1.05 ms - 600 s
Maximum number of scans 1013 scans of 2048 pixels
Power requirements 12 V DC / 350 mA
Resolution 1.15 nm
Sensitivity 310,000 counts/μW per ms integration time
Stray light 0.15 %
Wavelength range 200 nm - 850 nm