Multiplexer module

Multiplexer module
Order number: MUX.S

The MUX module series allows you to perform electrochemical experiments on multiple cells or multiple working electrodes, sequentially. The cell to perform measurement on can be selected either manually or automatically using the sequencing option of NOVA. Metrohm Autolab offers two types of MUX modules.

• MUX.MULTI4 - Used to multiplex all four connections from the Autolab. This allows sequential measurements on complete electrochemical cells, up to 64 cells with increments of 4.

• MUX.SCNR16 - Used to multiplex the working electrode connection of the Autolab. This allows sequential measurements on cells that share the same counter, reference and sense electrode but different working electrode, up to 255 different working electrodes with increments of 16.

• MUX.SCNR8 - Used to multiplex the reference and sense electrode connections of the Autolab. This allows sequential voltage sensing across different electrochemical cells, up to 128 cells with increments of 8.

  • Tech specs
Compliance voltage range in volt ± 30
Maximum current in ampère ± 2
Multiplexed electrode connections SCNR16 (16 WE), SCNR8 (8 RE+S), MULTI4 (4 CE+RE+S+WE)
Number of available channels up to 255