High throughput lab-grade fiber optic Raman probe

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Order number: BWT-840001212

BAC100B-785-HT: High Throughput lab-grade fiberoptic Raman probe assembly; 105µm diameter 0.22NA fiber for 785 nm excitation 300µm diameter 0.22NA for Raman pickup, optical density >6; down to 150 cm-1. 304SS shaft has 0.371” (9.5 mm) diameter and 3” (76.2 mm) L. The 1.5 m fiber is terminated in FC/PC on the spectrometer end and FC/PC on the laser end. Adhesive-sealed quartz window for non-contact sampling. 5.5 mm working distance. Max. operating temperature is 80 degrees C. Not for immersive use. This probe is compatible with the i-Raman Prime, PTRam, and STRam Family.

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