Rotating disk electrode

Rotating disk electrode
Order number: AUT.RDE.S

The Autolab RDE is a high-end rotating disk electrode for measurements on systems where high rotation speed and low noise are required. The unit can go up to 10,000 rpm, a liquid Hg contact guarantees low noise. The PCTFE shaft has been designed to fit in Metrohm cell vessels, but also fits on most other electrochemical cells. The tip diameter is 10 mm, with an active surface diameter of 3 mm or 5 mm.

The rotation speed of the RDE is controlled manually with the button on the front of the motor control unit. The RDE can also be controlled remotely with the Autolab software. The rotation speed can be varied continuously between 100 and 10,000 rpm with a resolution of 1 rpm.

  • Tech specs
Acceleration and deceleration rate (RPM/s) 4000.0
Maximum current in ampère 0.5
Number of electrodes 1.0
Rotation rate range 100 - 10000 RPM