Metrosep A Supp 16 - 250/4.0

Metrosep A Supp 16 - 250/4.0
Order number: 6.1031.430

The Metrosep A Supp 16 is ideal for high-capacity separation problems and distinguishes itself with its outstanding resolution, even with complex separation problems. The Metrosep A Supp 16 separation column is based on a surface-functionalized polystyrene/divinylbenzene copolymer. The functional groups are bonded covalently. This and the surface structure of the anion exchanger results in unique selectivity. The high-capacity Metrosep A Supp 16 is used for solving complex problems.

The Metrosep A Supp 16 - 250/4.0 is characterized by outstanding resolution and solves the most difficult separation problems. The column is very well-suited for monitoring electroplating baths. Traces of anions can be determined in concentrated acids. Utilization in food analysis for the determination of maltose derivatives is just one more of the numerous applications of the high-capacity Metrosep A Supp 16 - 250/4.0.

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Carrier material Polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer with quaternary ammonium groups
Column capacity 195 µmol (Cl-)
Column dimensions 250 x 4.0 mm

Carbonate/hydroxide eluent (standard eluent)

Sodium carbonate: 7.5 mmol/L; 1,590 mg/2 L
Sodium hydroxide (c = 0.25 mol/L): 0.75 mmol/L; 6.0 mL/2 L
(column temperature 45 °C)

Hydroxide eluent

Sodium hydroxide (c = 10 mol/L): 20 mmol/L; 4.0 mL/2 L
(column temperature 32 °C)

Carbonate eluent

Sodium hydrogen carbonate: 2.5 mmol/L; 420 mg/2 L
Sodium carbonate: 5.5 mmol/L; 1,166 mg/2 L
(column temperature 45 °C)
Housing material PEEK
Max. pressure 20 MPa
Maximum flow 1.2 mL/min
Organic modifier 0 - 10 %
Particle size 4.6 µm
pH range 0...14
Standard flow 0.8 mL/min
Temperatur range 10...70 °C