Metrosep A Supp 16 - 150/4.0

Metrosep A Supp 16 - 150/4.0
Order number: 6.1031.420

The Metrosep A Supp 16 is ideal for high-capacity separation problems and distinguishes itself with its outstanding resolution. The Metrosep A Supp 16 - 150/4.0 is based on a surface-functionalized polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer. The functional groups are bonded covalently.

The Metrosep A Supp 16 - 150/4.0 is characterized by outstanding resolution and solves the most difficult separation problems. The column is very well-suited to applications that have a high ionic load but that do not require the highest resolution. It is one of the standard columns in anion chromatography.

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Carrier material Polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer with quaternary ammonium groups
Column capacity 125 µmol (Cl-)
Column dimensions 150 x 4.0 mm

Carbonate/hydroxide eluent (standard eluent)

Sodium carbonate: 7.5 mmol/L; 1,590 mg/2 L
Sodium hydroxide (c = 0.25 mol/L): 0.75 mmol/L; 6.0 mL/2 L
(column temperature 45 °C)
Housing material PEEK
Max. pressure 20 MPa
Maximum flow 1.2 mL/min
Organic modifier 0...10%
Particle size 4.6 µm
pH range 0...14
Standard flow 0.8 mL/min
Temperatur range 10...70 °C