Metrosep A Supp 10 - 100/4.0

Metrosep A Supp 10 - 100/4.0
Order number: 6.1020.010

The Metrosep A Supp 10 - 100/4.0 separation column is based on a high-capacity polystyrene/divinylbenzene copolymer with a particle size of only 4.6 µm. This column is characterized by high plate numbers and high selectivity. Sulfite and sulfate thus can be reliably separated in the eluent without the addition of organic modifiers. These characteristics are supplemented by great flexibility with respect to column temperature, flow and the composition of the eluent.

Its robust construction, excellent price-performance ratio and very good separating efficiencies, in conjunction with moderate chromatography times, make the Metrosep A Supp 10 - 100/4.0 a universally applicable anion separation column.

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Carrier material Polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer with quaternary ammonium groups
Column capacity

37 µmol (Cl)

Column dimensions 100 x 4.0 mm
Eluents Carbonate eluent
(standard eluent)

Sodium hydrogen carbonate: 5.0 mmol/L; 840 mg/2 L
Sodium carbonate: 5.0 mmol/L; 1,060 mg/2 L
(column temperature 45 °C)

Carbonate eluent (modified):

Sodium hydrogen carbonate: 4.0 mmol/L; 672 mg/2 L
Sodium carbonate: 6.0 mmol/L; 1,272 mg/2 L
Sodium perchlorate: 5 µmol/L; 1.2 mg/2 L
(room temperature)
Housing material PEEK
Max. pressure 25 MPa
Maximum flow 2.0 mL/min
Organic modifier 0 - 100%
Particle size 4.6 µm (mono dispersive)
pH range 0...14
Standard flow 1.0 mL/min
Temperatur range 10...70 °C