Metrosep A Supp 5 Guard/4.0

Metrosep A Supp 5 Guard/4.0
Order number: 6.1006.500

The Metrosep A Supp 5 Guard/4.0 reliably protects the Metrosep A Supp 5 and 7 IC anion columns against contamination from the sample or the eluent.

It contains the same separation material as the Metrosep A Supp 5, is also made of PEEK, and is screwed directly onto the respective separation column with virtually no dead volume ("On Column Guard System"). The guard column prolongs the service life of the analytical column, with practically no influence on its chromatographic separating efficiency. The economical price and simple handling make using the A Supp 5 Guard/4.0 highly recommended.

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Carrier material Polyvinyl alcohol with quarternary ammonium groups
Column dimensions 5 x 4.0 mm
Housing material PEEK
Manufacturer Metrohm
Organic modifier 0 - 100% (particularly acetone, acetonitrile, methanol)
Particle size 5 µm
pH range 3–12