Metrosep A Supp 1 - 250/4.6

Metrosep A Supp 1 - 250/4.6
Order number: 6.1005.300

The Metrosep A Supp 1 - 250/4.6 is a universal anion column that is characterized by medium capacity and special selectivity. With this column it is possible to process samples with great differences in concentrations. For example, 4 µg/L of sulfate can be determined in a solution containing 150 g/L sodium chloride. An additional advantage is that bromide does not elute until after the nitrate. Particularly in the area of oxohalide analysis, the A Supp 1 - 250/4.6 impresses with its outstanding separation properties. Pressure fluctuations, constantly changing eluents and large sample throughput do not influence the separating efficiency of this column, even after very long periods. It is the "workhorse" for development and routine laboratories.

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Carrier material Polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer with quaternary ammonium groups
Column capacity 12 µmol (Cl)
Column dimensions 250 x 4.6 mm

Carbonate eluent (standard eluent)

Sodium carbonate: 3.0 mmol/L; 636 mg/2 L

Caustic soda eluent

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH c = 10 mol/L): 100 mmol/L; 20 mL/2 L
Housing material PEEK
Max. pressure 15 MPa
Maximum flow 2.5 mL/min
Organic modifier 0 - 100%
Particle size 7 µm
pH range 1...13
Standard flow 1.0 mL/min