NIRS XDS SmartProbe Module – 2 m fiber

NIRS XDS SmartProbe Module – 2 m fiber
Order number: 2.921.0610

Robust, flexible measurement system for the quality control of solid and liquid substances

The NIRS XDS SmartProbe Analyzer enables rapid, nondestructive analyses of solid and liquid substances and formulations. With the NIRS XDS SmartProbe Analyzer, identity and quality of a substance can be determined directly in the respective original transport containers, no matter whether it be bottles, bags or other containers. The design, which is just as robust as it is ergonomic, makes the NIRS XDS SmartProbe Analyzer the ideal quality control solution in both the warehouse and in the laboratory. Using the NIRS XDS SmartProbe Analyzer could not be easier. For the measurement, the probe is held in the sample and the measurement button is pressed. Pass/fail results can be read off on the handle immediately after the measurement.

The XDS SmartProbe Module is also available with a 3 m fiber length (order number: 2.921.1620)


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  • XDS Interchangeable Probe Set
    XDS Interchangeable Probe Set

    The interchangeable probe set consists of a reflection probe, a transflection probe and various spacers, including fixing screws for setting variable path lengths (2 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm, and 10 cm). A protective sleeve for the probes, an Allen wrench, and a sealing ring are also included with the set.

    This set is part of the XDS SmartProbe Analyzer and the XDS Interactance Optiprobe Analyzer.

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