871 Advanced Bioscan

871 Advanced Bioscan
Order number: 2.871.0010
Pulsed amperometric detector for the highly sensitive determination of sugars, sugar alcohols and sugar acids, polysaccharides and other oxidizable substances. The 871 Advanced Bioscan extends the IC program from Metrohm by adding carbohydrate analysis to the capabilities of ion chromatography. The heart of the 871 Advanced Bioscan is the pulsed amperometric detector with built-in injector and column heater. The system is controlled by the Metrodata IC Net software.Besides carbohydrates the 871 Advanced Bioscan is used to determine oxidizable inorganic anions. There are different measuring cells with either gold, silver, platinum or glassy carbon as electrode material available.
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Compact chromatography and detector module for amperometric detection

  • Three-electrode measuring cells with gold, platinum, silver or glassy carbon working electrode
  • Pulsed amperometric detection (pulse mode)
  • Amperometric detection at constant working potential (DC mode)
  • Cyclic voltammetry (scan mode)
  • Potential range: -2.00... 2.00 V
  • Maintenance-free solid state reference electrode
  • Built-in AD converter
  • Column oven temperature range: 8 °C above room temperature to 45 °C; temperature stability ±0.1 °C