910 PSTAT mini

910 PSTAT mini
Order number: 1.910.0010

The ideal introductory instrument for electrochemistry

910 PSTAT mini is a small and compact, PC-controlled potentiostat with USB connector for training purposes as well as simple applications in research and development. The PSTAT software provided is easy and intuitive to operate and covers the most important electrochemical measuring techniques. Included in the scope of delivery are inexpensive disposable thick film sensors that can be utilized directly, without preparation and conditioning.

The 910 PSTAT mini is supplied with the following accessories in a transport case:

  • 6.2163.000 Electrode cable for 910 PSTAT mini
  • 6.2163.010 Connection cable for Dummy Cell
  • 6.1412.000 Measuring vessel
  • 6.1412.010 Cover for measuring vessel 6.1412.000
  • 6.2703.020 Stand ring for measuring vessel 6.1412.000
  • Mini USB cable
  • Software CD
  • Dummy Cell
  • A selection of thick film electrodes (SPE): 30 carbon and gold electrodes and 15 platinum electrodes each