Polymer and plastics analysis

Synthetic polymers and plastics are a mainstay of modern life. Because of their versatility and physical properties, plastics and polymers have conquered nearly every aspect of human activity: airplanes and cars, packaging of all kinds, medical devices and products, electronics, and countless more – without high-quality and high-tech plastics most products we use today in everyday life would look very different.

Polymer production is a demanding process in which high-purity raw materials undergo complex reactions and are turned into polymers, resins, rubbers, and gums. To make sure that the products meet the specifications, the materials and processes have to be monitored along the entire production chain. This makes the use of specific and highly accurate analytical techniques indispensable. We at Metrohm are committed to providing the instrumentation and know-how you need to solve your analytical challenges in polymer analysis.

Quality control of feedstock

The quality of the raw materials used for polymer production is critical in view of the final product. Poor-quality raw materials will inevitably yield poor-quality polymers. Besides quality, aspects such as time to market, efficiency, and accuracy also play a key role in incoming inspection. Find out what Metrohm has to offer to make your materials inspection easier, faster, and more accurate.

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Reaction monitoring

The polymerization reaction is the pivotal point in polymer production. In this process step, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. You therefore need methods that operate where the reaction takes place and that yield immediate results. Check out our solutions for reaction monitoring: a range of spectroscopic instruments that deliver real-time results and process analyzers that perform online analysis automatically and accurately.

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Quality control of polymers

Polymers are the result of complex reactions and processes involving various raw materials and additives. The final product must therefore be thoroughly inspected to ensure that it meets the specifications. Our instruments and applications enable you to determine a variety of substances and parameters, including additives, copolymer levels, water content, halogens, and residual monomers or impurities.

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