Chemical analysis

Converting raw materials into more than 70 000 different products that are used in almost all industries, the chemical industry lies at the core of the global economy and, perhaps, modern civilization. There is hardly any industrially produced good that would exist without the chemical industry, all the more considering that it was not until the 19th century that chemistry, particularly organic chemistry, exploded with Wöhler’s urea synthesis.

Within just a few decades, numerous important industrial processes were developed that still shape today’s chemical processes – from the chlor-alkali to the Solvay process, to name just a few. The production of high-tech, high-purity chemicals requires safe and reliable analytical solutions. Find out what we have to offer in this area.

Basic chemicals

Basic or commodity chemicals are single, pure chemical substances that are produced on a large scale. They are classified into inorganic and organic chemicals. While the inorganics (acids, alkalis, salts, etc.) are mainly derived from minerals and play an important role in nearly all industrial processes, the organic chemicals are almost exclusively derived from petroleum, coal, and natural gas. They are transformed into simple building blocks before they are converted into myriads of intermediate products.

In the chemical industry, the purity of the chemicals comes first, second, and third. Whatever basic chemicals you want to analyze, we offer the appropriate instrumentation and know-how.

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Solvents and colorants

Solvents are the medium for most chemical syntheses. They aid in heat and mass transfer, facilitate separations and purifications, and act as vehicles for surface coatings, pigments, and dyes. The complex composition of colorant solutions or suspensions, particularly with regard to their binding capacity to the substrate, requires leading-edge analytical methods.

Analytical chemistry is Metrohm’s element. Metrohm offers a variety of analytical techniques for the quality control of solvents and colorants.

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Plant operation

In plant operation, plant integrity and safety, production rate, product quality, and costs are primary objectives. These all depend on comprehensive process control through online and quasi-real-time monitoring of key process variables, often in explosive, dusty, corrosive, and hostile environments.

Our rugged process analyzers are built for these environments. They control the chemical and physical conversions in chemical processing and monitor the complex wastewater streams. Beyond that, we offer instruments and methods to monitor corrosion in your steam-tracing systems from corrosive species analysis and inhibitor monitoring to electrochemical analysis.

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