Monograph: Introduction to Polarography and Voltammetry 

The monograph offers an easy-to-read introduction into the basics of polarographic and voltammetric trace analysis.

Numerous textbooks about electrochemistry already exist and are an indispensable basis for every scientist. Prof. Dr. G. Henze does not want to add another one to the extensive list. Instead, the basics are reduced to those topics that are relevant for polarographic and voltammetric trace analysis.

On just 60 pages the most important current measurement techniques are described in an illustrative matter with self-explanatory figures: Direct current methods, pulse methods as well as alternating current methods are covered. Polarographic methods and the various types of stripping voltammetric techniques are the second main focus. Chapters about instrumentation and sample preparation complete the monograph.

The monograph is recommended for everyone who wants to know more about trace analysis using polarography and stripping voltammetry.

The Metrohm Monograph «Practical Voltammetry with the VA Computrace complements this booklet in an ideal way. Practical hints supplement the background information and basics.