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Karl Fischer titration is the preferred method for measuring the water content in all kinds of substances. In a joint webinar on March 15, 2023, Michael Margreth, Sr. Product Specialist Karl Fischer Titration from Metrohm and Dr. Roman Neufeld, Sr. Research Scientist from Honeywell present the benefits of the Karl Fischer oven method.

The oven method is the solution for matrices that cannot be analyzed by direct Karl Fischer titration because they release the contained moisture only very slowly, only at high temperatures, because they are poorly soluble in KF solvents, or because they undergo side reactions with the KF reagent.

Using the oven method, the sample matrix is heated up to release the moisture, after which the Karl Fischer titration is performed in a separate reaction vessel. Thus, any issues with the sample matrix are avoided.

Key learning points of this webinar are:

  • How to properly prepare the titration system with the KF oven
  • Sample preparation
  • How to handle liquid samples and water standards correctly
  • How to select the optimal heating temperature
  • Which reagents and which water standards to use to obtain correct results