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Metrohm is pleased to launch the Eco Coulometer, a robust, easy to use stand-alone titrator for coulometric determination of the water content in liquid, viscous, and solid matrices. With the Eco Coulometer, users benefit from Swiss-made quality for a highly competitive price to help them to take their quality control to the next level.

Moisture concentrations as low as few micrograms can be safely and accurately determined with the Eco Coulometer at the touch of screen in matrices such as chemicals, petrochemicals, plastics, foodstuffs, and many more. Free method templates and a step-by-step installation video make sure users can set up and start using their Eco Coulometer out of the box. Application support and service from the global network of local Metrohm subsidiaries are always available.

The moisture content of solid matrices can be analyzed with the Eco Coulometer after thermal sample preparation utilizing the optional 860 KF Thermoprep; an oven that heats up the sample to release the contained moisture by evaporation. For higher throughput, up to 17 samples can be analyzed completely unattended when the Eco Coulometer is combined with an 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer.

Brochure: Eco Coulometer (8.000.5371, PDF, 740 KB)