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Metrohm is pleased to announce a substantial upgrade to the illicit library. We now have one of the most comprehensive drug libraries available on any Raman system, including hundreds of fentanyl analogues and novel psychoactive substances (NPS). All spectra were collected by Metrohm experts on Metrohm instruments. The Illicit and General Materials Library will improve material ID and make all Metrohm’s Raman products more effective screening tools.

Quality and Quantity

The Illicit and General Materials Library contains a wealth of new data that will appeal to users in broad industries. This library features over 2,500 spectra for narcotics and common chemicals. It significantly improves accuracy of matching and analysis of mixtures.

Keep current with illicit drug trends

This is a comprehensive, up-to-date, high-resolution library for drug identification. It includes NPS and illicit, narcotic, prescription, and over-the-counter drugs. The inclusion of familiar substances supports identification of commonly encountered materials and provides intuitive results for every user.

Take a fresh look at Metrohm's Raman solutions

We have flexible options to meet your needs – from extensive drug libraries to trace detection, from high-resolution to the smallest handheld systems on the market. The Metrohm Illicit and General Chemicals Library will help every user get more out of their Raman system.