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Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) can be a fast and simple solution for manufacturers to make sure the quality of their products meets the defined specifications. In a free educational webinar, Dave van Staveren and Wim Guns from Metrohm International Headquarters explain how this technology works and they present several application examples from the chemical, petrochemical, polymer, pharmaceutical, and the food & beverage industry.

No company can afford releasing out-of-spec products these days, so it is of utmost importance to prevent this from happening. NIRS is a fast and simple solution for monitoring product quality at any stage in the manufacturing process: Take a sample and NIRS will give you an accurate, reproducible result for multiple chemical and physical parameters within 30 seconds. As neither sample preparation is required nor are any chemicals or solvents, NIRS can be used even by non-chemists.

Key learning points of this webinar:

  • Current trends in QA and QC in the manufacturing industries
  • The principles of NIRS – how does this technology work?
  • Where NIRS can help to make you quality control more efficient
  • Applications from various industries exemplifying possible time and cost savings