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Documentation of audit trails across different systems poses a challenge for quality control and compliance of manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical industry. In a free webinar hosted by Pharmaceutical Manufacturing on June 14, 2022, Björn Christensen, Head of Competence Center Software at Metrohm International Headquarters presents the latest technology for comprehensive documentation of chemical analyses and data management in the pharmaceutical lab.

Truly comprehensive software platforms like the one presented in this webinar go beyond documentation of all required metadata. They capture the entire analytical process – from sample preparation to crucial system components such as sensors and even the chemicals used for the analysis. At the same time, such solutions provide all the features needed for secure and efficient data management in networked processes within large, integrated organizations.

Participants in this webinar will learn and understand:

  • How digitalization facilitates integration of all relevant data – for seamless compliance and superior data integrity according to the ALCOA+ principles
  • How to create secure workflows and manage them efficiently within your organization
  • The power of one click-audit trail, integration of smart chemicals, and the next level of compliance and data integrity


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