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No sample preparation required, perfect ease of use, results for multiple parameters available in less than a minute – these are the main advantages of near-infrared spectroscopy for routine analysis. QC managers and shift personnel from the petrochemical industry can now benefit from these advantages with the new DS2500 Petro Analyzer from Metrohm. The DS2500 Petro Analyzer is pre-calibrated for diesel, gasoline, and kerosene and makes routine determination of QC parameters such as RON, MON, Cetane Index and many more faster, easier, and much less expensive compared with competing wet chemical systems.


Easy to use

Intuitive Vision Air Software makes the NIRS DS 2500 Petro Analyzer easy to use. Shift personnel will find the routine user mode so simple that hardly any time for familiarization is needed: Two clicks from selecting the method, starting the measurement to getting a clear pass/fail result is all it takes.

Robust design for operation in production environments

The NIRS DS2500 Petro Analyzer with its IP65 certified housing and only one rotating optical element is a highly robust solution providing excellent protection against environmental influences even in high vibration environments. With the DS2500 Petro Analyzer, key parameters such as RON, MON, Cetane Index and many more can be determined in less than a minute.

Pre-calibrations and smart sample holders

The NIRS DS2500 Petro Analyzer is pre-calibrated for gasoline, diesel, and kerosene based on real petrochemical product spectra. This means that users can start measuring immediately without prior model development required. Smart sample holders in combination with SOPs help prevent errors in routine operation as they make sure the correct sample container is always used to measure the sample.

Moreover, users can choose from a variety of cuvettes, flow cells, and disposable vials giving them the flexibility to adapt to the respective sample.