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Prohibited dyes used in brightly colored candies. Pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables. Illicit pharmaceuticals used to mimic traditional herbal medicines. Additives that enhance apparent protein levels in diluted milk. MISA from Metrohm is a complete, portable solution to help public agencies to detect and identify traces of such and many other food contaminants in the field in just a few seconds.


Unfortunately, food adulteration is more common than most people realize. With MISA, investigators take the technology to the sample and obtain dependable results in seconds.

MISA goes beyond traditional Raman capabilities. While Raman spectroscopy is a bulk materials identification solution, MISA can detect materials that are present in parts-per-million concentrations even in complex food samples.

MISA advantages at a glance

  • A mobile app provides simple, intuitive, guided workflows
  • Automated analysis quickly and accurately identifies trace contaminants
  • Intelligent mobile platform enables remote sharing of results, location, and hazard alerts
  • Dedicated applications to inform sample analysis methods

Mobile, fast, and reliable food testing 

When a health hazard is detected with MISA, the MISA App makes sure no time is lost before vital information about the substance can be shared and immediate steps can be taken by public authorities to protect consumers.