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When conditions are tough, we get tougher. Mira is already a rugged, water resistant, vibration-proof workhorse... but sometimes you need even more protection. Protective Boot is a custom-fitted, sleek solution for when Mira faces demanding conditions.

Whether sampling occurs at a chemical spill, a clandestine drug lab, or on the warehouse floor, Mira is ready. It is designed to be a portable, reliable, user-friendly materials ID solution. Both first responders and loading dock personnel alike benefit from Metrohm Raman’s handheld instrument expertise. This is no delicate lab instrument—Mira is designed to tackle the elements and get the job done in record time.

Mira Protective Boot provides an extra layer of safety to Mira M3/P/DS devices. The rugged cover is made with dual layer technology consisting of ballistic polycarbonate covered in chemically resistant TPE. It is specially designed to preserve all of Mira’s functionality and work with all Smart Tips, including a dedicated Boot for Power Pack. The protective cover installs easily for a ruggedized feel and extra protection. Protective Boot for Mira provides extra confidence for on-site materials ID, no matter the conditions.