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Metrohm Raman is pleased to announce its acquisition of Diagnostic anSERS inc. A subsidiary of Metrohm AG, Metrohm Raman is a key manufacturer of handheld Raman spectrometers based in Laramie, Wyoming. This acquisition expands the capabilities of our Mira Raman analyzers from instant materials identification to trace chemical analysis.

Dr. Keith Carron, CEO of Metrohm Raman: «We are very excited to have SERS capabilities at Metrohm Raman. The P-SERS platform is perfect for detection of nonvisible amounts of materials that are undetectable without SERS enhancement.»

With this acquisition, Dr. Wei Yu, co-owner of Diagnostic anSERS and inventor of innovative, inexpensive printed SERS substrates, joins the Metrohm Raman team. Dr. Yu’s substrates, combined with Metrohm Raman’s robust and reliable Raman detectors and innovative software algorithms, offer a convenient solution for field detection of trace analytes such as heroin in street samples. Metrohm Raman will begin offering SERS substrates with the release of the Mira DS in early 2018.

Metrohm is a leading manufacturer of instruments for chemical analysis. Metrohm is unique in offering solutions for all varieties of ion analysis (potentiometric and Karl Fischer titration, voltammetry, ion chromatography, pH, ion, conductivity, and stability measurement). Besides this, the Metrohm portfolio also includes a complete portfolio for NIR-/ and Raman spectroscopy, software, dosing systems and solutions for laboratory automation. Metrohm is owned 100% by the Swiss Metrohm foundation and is represented in 80 countries by their own subsidiaries or exclusive distributors, respectively. Customers are supported with unparalleled application know-how and service.