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In 2018, Metrohm AG celebrated the company’s 75th anniversary. Only two years later, in the middle of the current global pandemic, Metrohm makes a long-term commitment to its global customers and employees announcing a major extension of the premises of Metrohm International Headquarters in Herisau Switzerland. This project is part of the global Metrohm Group’s strategy to grow its business significantly over the next years. HQ Herisau?ts=1641825248596&dpr=off

Groundwork for this project, which is expected to create 250 additional jobs in R&D and manufacturing, will start next year.

Committing itself to developing and manufacturing the core segments of the future portfolio of Metrohm instruments in Switzerland, the company is confident that outstanding quality and global service and support will continue to be appreciated by customers around the world. 

In the midst of the current global pandemic, Metrohm is proud to point out that it stays true to the company founder’s philosophy to rely on itself and sustain its growth without banks or any kind of third party investors. This financial independence allows the company to stay on track with its visionary projects unaffected by temporary afflictions of the global economy. Not to be dictated by third party investors of any kind is a privilege that the company has always used to give priority to the customers and the quality they expect from Metrohm.

Metrohm has been owned by Metrohm Stiftung since 1982, a private foundation under Swiss law dedicated to promoting scientific education in schools, supporting charities, as well as cultural events and the local economy of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, the Swiss Canton where Metrohm AG was founded in Herisau and has thrived since 1943.