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Raw material identification and verification (RMID) is a complicated process for a very important reason: it confirms the quality of the raw materials used in the manufacture of products that you put on and in your body. The complexity of RMID spans the spectrum from analytical techniques/instruments to the testing process to the governmental norms and standards that regulate all aspects of RMID including system suitability, extent of sampling, method validation, electronic records, and many others.

With MIRA P and MIRA Cal P, Metrohm Raman simplifies RMID

Chemical analyses that historically would be performed in a laboratory by trained chemists can now be performed, very quickly and with great success, by nontechnical professionals. This relies upon a successful development of a robust method, including Raman know-how, initial data collection and development of library/operating/training sets, and model validation.

Learn all about RMID with MIRA P in these free tutorials:

Method Development and Validation – RMID for Regulated Industries

  • Part I: General Considerations 
  • Part II: Method Development 
  • Part III: Method Robustness and Validation 
  • Part IV: Method Implementation

Download the free tutorials on RMID with MIRA P