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Acid number according to ASTM D664 is one of the most often analyzed parameters in the petroleum industry. Obtaining reliable results for this titration can be a challenge. Two free videos explain possible causes for bad acid number repeatability and reproducibility and what can be done to improve results.

Acid number determination as per ASTM D664 is stipulated in many specifications for petroleum products. To obtain reproducible results with this titration can be challenging, leading in the worst case to out-of-spec results, ultimately resulting in revenue loss.

Topics addressed in the first video:

  • Best practice for electrode cleaning
  • How to recognize insufficient cleaning
  • How to clean the electrode diaphragm

Watch YouTube video: Acid number analysis - Electrode cleaning

Topics addressed in the second video:

  • Proper electrode preparation
  • Importance of choosing the right electrode
  • Mitigation of electrostatic influences
  • Benefits of automation

Watch YouTube video: Acid number analysis - Fix inaccurate results