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Nowadays, it is of utmost importance to carry out accurate process-oriented analyses in order to comply with quality and safety guidelines. The 2060 IC Process Analyzer from Metrohm Process Analytics is the perfect example of how established laboratory analysis can be integrated into the process for automated and continuous monitoring.

Process Analyzer

High precision results from the lab to your process

The 2060 IC Process Analyzer is a complete robust solution for multi-parameter analysis of anions and/or cations across a wide concentration range, ng/L to %. Combining the proven Metrohm high performance ion chromatograph and the liquid handling modules (LHM) such as pumps, valves, and dosing units in one industrial cabinet, opens up myriad opportunities to shift your measurement from the laboratory to the process.

Ultimate modularity

Metrohm Process analyzers are well known for its modular configuration concept; we have now taken that flexibility one-step further. The 2060 IC Process Analyzer is based on the 2060 online analysis platform from Metrohm Process Analytics, meaning that up to four analysis cabinets can be combined to create one single analyzer platform.

Flexible, customizable, and robust

Extensive sample preparation steps and eluent production can be carried out fully automated in the wet part cabinets using the optional extension and ultrapure water modules while IC analysis is performed in the IC cabinet. Reagents are stored in the reagent cabinet and are equipped with integrated contactless level detection.

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