New monograph "Introduction to Raman spectroscopy"

Monograph on Raman spectroscopy theory and application

Metrohm is highly pleased to present their latest monograph "Introduction to Raman spectroscopy", written by professor Keith Carron from the University of Wyoming in collaboration with Metrohm.

It is an easy-to-read textbook of barely 50 pages, aiming to explain vibrational spectroscopy to graduate level students, chemists, who would like to refresh their knowledge of this highly versatile analytical technique, and anyone else.

The new monograph (Metrohm document order number 8.108.5038EN) covers all aspects of Raman spectroscopy. It starts with a short summary of the theory and a comparison of spectroscopic methods to continue with an overview of Raman instrumentation and special techniques. The second part puts a focus on data processing and analysis (chemometrics, calibration, qualification and quantification of results) and ends with an overview of applied Raman spectroscopy in various industry sectors.

A glossary and a table with references and relevant literature makes browsing the monograph easy and opens up the window to further reading, respectively. "Introduction to Raman spectroscopy" is available free from any Metrohm agency or here for download.