Metrohm rewards outstanding research by young electrochemists

Recipients of the Best Poster award

Metrohm Germany is pleased to honor three young chemists for their outstanding research in electrochemistry. Their posters were selected from more than 100 entries by a qualified committee and the three young scientists were awarded a cash prize of Euro 1000 each.

The young scientists were honored in the context of the “Electrochemistry 2016”, a biannual conference attended this year by roughly 400 scientist from the fields of energy conversion, electro catalytics, bioelectrochemistry, electrosynthesis, photoelectrochemistry, and electrochemical analysis and sensor technology.

The three posters and their authors:

  • “Selective Synthesis of Protected Non-Symmetric 2,2'-Diaminobiaryls by Anodic Aniline-Aniline Cross-Coupling Reactions”
    Lara Schulz
    University of Mainz
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  • “Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Investigations of the SEI Formation on Graphite Model Electrodes”
    Isabella Weber
    University of Ulm
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  • “Self-organized TiO2 nanotubes as anode material for Li ion intercalation: insight into lithiation reaction kinetics, interface and surface chemistry”
    Andrea Auer
    University of Innsbruck
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