Free webinar: Best practice how to increase productivity of routine analysis through automation

A viable approach to reduce stress and save time

The main challenge faced by many laboratory managers these days is the combination of fewer human resources with an ever-increasing workload. However, higher sample throughput often leads to more errors, especially when sample preparation is complex and staff have to manage several applications simultaneously.

Webinar: How automation can increase the productivity of your routine analysis

This becomes even more challenging, when different staff run the same analyses due to shift work. Once an error occurs, discussions start and time is lost on additional paper work to document and explain what went wrong. Usually, this means, the analysis has to be repeated.

In a free webinar, Heike Risse, Product Manager Titration Automation gives an overview how modern QC and contract labs can save up to 60% in time and increase sample throughput by consolidating typical routine applications such as TAN/TBN or standard water parameters on a fully automated analytical platform.

Heike Risse is joined by Richard Johnson, Lead Chemist at Fonterra in New Zealand, one of the world’s largest dairy companies.

Richard Johnson presents how his lab was able to optimize their routine analysis by consolidating salt and acidity testing including complex sample preparation on an OMNIS Sample Robot from Metrohm.

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