New Waters «Empower» software integrates Metrohm ion chromatography systems

Laboratory technician working on an ion chromatography system
Waters extends the application spectrum of their «Empower» chromatography software: Effective immediately, «Empower»
can also be used to control Metrohm ion chromatography systems. Users of the Waters software will benefit particularly from the Metrohm conductivity detection that is used mainly to determine anions, cations and polar substances in low concentrations.
«Empower» is one of the world's most widely used Chromatography Data Software (CDS). Previously however, users had been limited when it came to determining ionic and polar substances in very low concentrations.

Integrating Metrohm ion chromatographs into «Empower» enables users to determine anions, cations, and polar substances by ion chromatography and suppressed conductivity detection in concentrations ranging from the % range down to the ultratrace range.

Metrohm ion chromatographs enable high sample throughput due to automated sample preparation (e.g.; Inline Ultrafiltration) and sample injection.

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